quindo (quindo) wrote,

Heroes: Off and Running

I had a few doubts about Heroes at the end of last season. The final wrap-up of the main plot arc felt just a bit weak, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. More importantly, I was concerned where the show was going to go in Season 2 with the unifying threat now eliminated.

Happily, last night's premiere erased all of those concerns. New threats, new puzzles, and yes, new characters (sheesh, what's the headcount up to??). Spoilery discussion continues behind the cut.

Apparently, the Bennets are even more fun when they are trying to be boring. That dinner scene was easily worth the price of admission. Mr. Bennet flipping the Copy World manager over by his thumb ran a close second.

Also, I'm pleased to see Mr. Muggles made it out of Season 1 alive. Is that the *only* question from last season that got answered? Okay, I guess theoretically it was unclear whether Peter survived...but more realistically the question would have been who Milo Ventimiglia was playing this year?

Let's see if I can possibly tally up the current list of open questions.

From the end of Season 1:
-What is the deal with this "council of elders" (Angela Petrelli, Kaito Nakamura, Linderman...)?
-What is the agenda of The Company?
-Who is it that Molly sees that "looks back," who she says is even worse than Sylar? (By Season 2, she's having nightmares about this person.)
-Oh no! Is Hiro trapped in feudal Japan?

New questions opened up just this episode:
-Claire's new friend West is a flying Peeping Tom. Where is this heading?
-How long before a Bennet blows the family's cover?
-What is Maya's power?
-Oh yeah, how are they going to deal with the plague? Oh wait--did Suresh just make that up to get The Company's attention? unngh.
-How long before Nathan shaves? (Bonus question: Is there a conservation of hair in the Petrelli family? If Nathan shaves, will Peter's old haircut come back?)
-Oh no, how long is Hiro going to be mucking around in feudal Japan....?
-Why is Peter in a box in Ireland with that symbol around his neck? (Bonus question: What is wrong with those Irish guys' accents?)
-Who is killing off the "council of elders" and why? Are they related to Molly's nightmares?
-Is Kaito Nakamura really dead?

New questions opened up during the *teaser* for next week:
-What the hell? That was Sylar!

Phew. Is that it? (This reminds me of a favorite sketch from MadTV.) Let me know if I've missed anything here.

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