quindo (quindo) wrote,

¡¡Chewie!! ¡Vamonos de aqui!

The Star Wars movies get played quite a bit around the holidays, which means I was subjected yet again to Greedo shooting first. Of the many ridiculous changes Lucas has made to the original trilogy, this one infuriates me the most. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see here.) It's not just that Lucas changed a childhood favorite, he made a huge change to a main character's personality. Also, the new version just looks absurd. Greedo's point blank aim is worse than a Stormtrooper's.

This weekend, Nick and I bought the DVDs that include the original theatrical releases of the movies. Of course the first scene I wanted to see was Greedo vs. Han. (Nick didn't even realize poor Greedo doesn't even get to fire at all in the original.) Our next task was some endless fiddling to figure out how rid ourselves of the a sea of black surrounded the movie without warping the image. The movies are in a ridiculous format -- letterboxed for 4:3. We thought Zoom would work, but that cut out the subtitles (ever important to the Greedo scene). Wide and Panorama were doing something odd to the shapes of peoples' heads. Finally we figured out (after watching Greedo vs. Han about 11 times, and thus cleansing my soul along the way) that we could actually move the Zoom image vertically to allow for the subtitles. Victory! ...but at what price?

We were completely slap happy at this point and started playing with the other audio channels. Let me tell you -- the French Vader is a wuss and we're pretty sure that the same guy did all the voices for the Spanish track. I can see how this immersion language learning works though. I already picked up at least one useful phrase. :)

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